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Mom's Cafe
Monday, Jan 15th. 10 am - noon
Studio A - Gracepoint

Join with other mom's for a monthly time of teaching, inspiration and connection. Childcare provided.
Mom's Cafe is offered in partnership with Village Church and EVERYONE is welcome!
Grab your girlfriends and come! We look forward to seeing you!

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Welcome to Gracepoint Community Church! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. We’re a group of people who love God and want Him to write the story of our life. Join us as we share our stories and write new ones.


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10:00 am


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How Big is your God?

Miracles. In this section we see two incredible miracles: the Lord raining down deadly hail and causing the sun to stand still. Did they actually happen like this or appear to happen? We see in this chapter the interplay between the divine and...

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We Hosted a PAIS Intern...and LOVED it!

It was almost a year ago when we were sitting in church and heard about PAIS. The person talking mentioned the type of work the interns would be doing and that host families would be needed for the year. Here were our thoughts at the time: Could...


A "Not Asked" Prayer is Answered

Sometimes the completely unexpected and miraculous happens. This is the story of a prayer that went unsaid, though certainly felt and how God answered.


Fostering Community

Fostering community: Baby shower hosted for refugee family You might remember that last spring our church held a Halal luncheon for the refugees who had just arrived to our region. It was at this church luncheon that Jo-Ann Lyon met a couple of...


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