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Welcome to Gracepoint Community Church! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us. We’re a group of people who love God and want Him to write the story of our life. Join us as we share our stories and write new ones.



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Tyranny of the Shoulds

Far too often in the Christian life we are driven by all the things we think we should or shouldn't do. We should be kind. We should pray. We should read our Bibles. And then there are the shouldn'ts. We shouldn't get angry. We shouldn't lust, etc. ...

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A "Not Asked" Prayer is Answered

Sometimes the completely unexpected and miraculous happens. This is the story of a prayer that went unsaid, though certainly felt and how God answered.


Fostering Community

Fostering community: Baby shower hosted for refugee family You might remember that last spring our church held a Halal luncheon for the refugees who had just arrived to our region. It was at this church luncheon that Jo-Ann Lyon met a couple of ...


Unexpected Journies

  An unexpected journey unfolded before us last fall! It started with a phone call from Phil Wagler asking if Gillian and I would be interested in helping out with a group of young people who were preparing to go on long term missions ...


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