A Rooted Celebration

Today we wrap up our ROOTED teaching series with a number of stories and testimonies, as well as a baptism celebration, and cake!

Why is the Church Important?

The author calls us to hang onto faith, hope and love in v. 22-25. The foundation for this doing life together is the cross and Christ crashing through the curtain in v. 19-21.

Why and How Should I Tell Others?

The apostle Paul shared his testimony before King Agrippa in Acts 26. It detailed his life before he encountered the living Jesus and afterwards. We all have a story that intersects with God’s story. Our story is meant to be shared with others who don’t yet know God’s love. In sharing our stories we are inviting people to help take the next step towards God.

How Does God View Money?

The Christian life is a journey of trust. We can choose to place our security in money, job, etc. or in the unseen God. Today’s Scripture reminds us that the Father will take care of us.

Prepare for the Final

We may be surprised at the Judgment. The King will recall the little things that we did but that we've forgotten. Then He will invite the "blessed" into His presence. Our job is to prepare for that Final.

How to Make the Most of Your Life

Serving. It doesn’t have to be big and glamorous. Sometimes small acts done with great love changes us and our world. God has called us to serve and equipped us to do life a lifestyle of serving.

Breaking Free from Strongholds

Strongholds. They are formed in our lives from sin done by us or sin done to us. They are sometimes generational running in our family. The good news of the Gospel is that these spiritual strongholds can be demolished as we walk in the Spirit.

Where is God in Our Pain?

Like Jesus, we find ourselves wrestling with our heavenly Father over our life situations. We pray for deliverance but ultimately we trust in God’s will being done in our lives as we pray the prayer of surrender.

How God Speaks

We are to take God’s revelation to us (Bible, creation, circumstances, other people, etc.) and combine it with praying in the Spirit to hear God speak to us.

Who is God and Why it Matters

We have beliefs about God and ourselves that may or may not be accurate. The Gospel sets us free from these false narratives as we live in God’s story.

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