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I had only been in Surrey for a couple of weeks when I decided to take the Skytrain and bus - by myself - to English Bay. Now you must understand that we do not have mass transit in Texas. I've never traveled on a subway, bus, or skytrain my entire life. I am directionally challenged and my phone was still connected to a US provider. I had no internet, which also meant no GPS or transit apps. So, this was me being extremely brave and adventurous!

I managed to purchase my Compass Pass for the day and actually made it to the correct train station. I then proceeded to successfully find the correct bus going to the English Bay area. I found the beach and spent a wonderful afternoon - walking along the seawall, shopping and having lunch. When I was ready to head home, I actually found the bus I needed which took me to the train station! All of these things were nothing short of miraculous. When I got to the train station, I was so proud of myself and so grateful that I'd almost made it home! But then, on the last leg of my journey, I got on the wrong train!! The train had gone a few stations before I realized my mistake. I panicked and pictured myself lost in Vancouver forever.

Now, another thing you must understand is that in Texas everyone is very open about their faith. Everyone wears crosses, prays in public, has a Jesus fish on their car, it's just really out there for anyone to see. In contrast, I have found BC society to be much more secular, more circumspect, and not as vocal about faith. So imagine my surprise as I sat there in a panic about getting lost, when a woman gets on the train and sits down next to me saying, "My goodness, but God works in mysterious ways!" Imagine my surprise at this conversation starter!

I looked at her and said, "Yes, yes He certainly does!" We started talking and it turned out that we have a mutual friend that lives in Fort Worth, Texas, my hometown! We also talked about my mission here and she invited me to come visit her home church to tell them about PAIS. Then we exchanged contact information and she directed me to the correct train to come home.

When I got home that night I reflected on the experience and thought to myself: I thought I was completely lost and on the wrong train, but God knew exactly where I was and why I was there. He brought a new friend into my life when I didn't know anyone in the area.

I had lunch with this lady a few weeks after that and she shared with me that she wasn't even supposed to be on that train that day! She has severe vision problems and usually has a driver, but on that day, at that exact time, she told her driver to let her off at the train station and she got on my train. Yes, my new friend, God does work in mysterious ways!!


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