Unexpected Journies

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An unexpected journey unfolded before us last fall!

It started with a phone call from Phil Wagler asking if Gillian and I would be interested in helping out with a group of young people who were preparing to go on long term missions throughout the world with MB Missions’ TREK. These students were all training and preparing.  Getting equipped to embark, along with their co-labourers, to their various destinations, serving as an integral part of MB missions and MB’s ongoing work. The obvious questions for the two of us was: “What would we do? How would we help?”

Those questions were quickly answered by trusting in the Lord and what His plans for us were.

We stepped out in faith.  Our answer was yes and our time with the teams turned into a most live-giving and amazing journey from September to December last year and September to November this year.

Many might ask: “So what did you do during that time?” Well, we really just made ourselves available to these new missionaries.  We came alongside to pray with them and for them.  We encouraged them.  We listened to them.  We served as “parents” to them as they prepared themselves with extensive teaching, listening to God, growing in their faith and preparing their hearts for the mission field ahead.

What was the result from all of this? A group of missionaries prepared to go.  And for us… well we now are able to keep connected with these servants - give ongoing support and prayer for these groups as they work in Peru, Panama, Thailand, Portugal, Lithuania and Germany. What a gift!

As we reflect on all that has happened, we are so thankful to the Lord for the opportunity - as seniors - to be available to serve!


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