Gracepoint TV

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Check out our new YouTube channel called: Gracepoint TV. You can watch the interviews from the songwriters of the "Identity Project" and listen to the songs they have written as well. Click the link below for Gracepoint TV: 

What happens when the "healing" doesn't come?

Posted by Kim Savage on

What happens when the “healing” doesn’t come? Some of you know, others don’t.  My closest aunt “Auntie Barb” (2nd mom really) has terminal cancer.  She was diagnosed last spring and the outcomes and life expectancy for this type of cancer are grim...

Woman on the Train

Posted by Sonya Griffith on

I had only been in Surrey for a couple of weeks when I decided to take the Skytrain and bus - by myself - to English Bay. Now you must understand that we do not have mass transit in Texas. I've never traveled on a subway, bus, or skytrain my entire life. I am directionally challenged and my...

Lavish Boots

Posted by Christie Weigel on

I often see the Lord provide in my life, and as often as I do, I am still amazed and surprised when He does.  I recently told Gregg Baker this story, and he encouraged me to share it. Last winter, at the end of the season, I bought a pair of boots, on sale.  Very cute, short, grey...

Stu Mitchell - A Simple Act of Kindness

Posted by Stu Mitchell on

Today's shared story is all about being a discipleship of Jesus and simply acting in a small you'll see, the action changed someone's day!  A few weeks ago I was on my way home from work, driving along eighth avenue on a very quiet part of the road. I was behind another car and I...

A Little (BIG) story to Share

Posted by Lynn McIntosh on

This week's shared story is short and on! My only sister - only sibling - and I were close.  Not in proximity (she lives in Ontario), but emotionally.  Life has been moving fast and for the last several years I was feeling my sister and I growing further and...

Private and Personal - My Story from Mexico

Posted by Megan Alexander on

Hello Gracepoint Community! My name is Megan and I am one of the Gracepointers that traveled down to Mexico this past July to work alongside One Life One Chance and the communities in San Quintin Mexico. You wouldn’t have necessarily noticed, but I was the only team member who opted out...

Ukraine was the Dessert!

Posted by Ev Wiens on

Ev pictured with Max, one of the first trade school students to come through the program and currently studying at Providence College in Manitoba to prepare for ministry in Ukraine. Once in a while, you get to keep company and spend time with someone who inspires, spurs on and sparks...