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A Little (BIG) story to Share

This week's shared story is short and surrendered...read on!

My only sister - only sibling - and I were close.  Not in proximity (she lives in Ontario), but emotionally.  Life has been moving fast and for the last several years I was feeling my sister and I growing further and further apart.  It felt that she didn't want anything to do with me, despite my sincerest efforts. 


Have you ever tried and tried and then tried again to fix a relationship? I did, and nothing I tried seemed to work.  Then one day I just let go.  I surrendered the situation to God and asked my friends to support me in prayer. 

A couple months ago, I planned a trip to Ontario and wasn't even planning to spend much time with my sister given the state of our relationship.  But then, a miracle happened.  My sister wanted to spend time with me and made time for our visits. She was nice to me. A closeness returned.

So I guess this would be a "Let Go & Let God" story - simple as that. But I must say, I was so surprised and so very thankful...Praise Be to God!!


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