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Welcome to Gracepoint Community Church

Welcome to Gracepoint – thanks for stopping by! Below you will find information or links to help you get to know us a little better. Questions or need more info? contact us.

Who (and What) to Expect

When you walk through our doors, expect to see jeans, coffee, a friendly welcome, younger, old(er), in-between-ers, people who work with their hands, professionals, highschoolers and wee ones. You will probably see someone that reminds you of, well, you.

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If you like what you are reading, feel welcome anytime to visit and check things out. Here’s a map to get you here and contact info if you want to reach us.


Our Story

Gracepoint is a community of people who love God and want to live out our faith in practical and meaningful ways.

We strive to Experience God and Engage our World Together. What does that mean you ask? Well, it means this: we want to know God more, letting His character and love for us influence and change our lives.

We “experience God” by spending time with Him through scripture, prayer or gathering together for times of worship.

From those experiences, we also go and “enagage our world.” We strive to share His character and love as live our everyday lives in our neighbourhoods and communities.

Sometimes that means we help neighbours or care for someone “just because.” Some of us volunteer at food banks or thrift stores, coach sports or serve on civic committees to be influencers. Other times it means we go half-way across the world on an adventure because God has lead us there or sponsor a refugee family to help them start a new life in Canada. Whatever God calls us to, that’s where we go as individuals and as a church.


What We Believe

We love Jesus and do our best to follow where He leads us, period. We believe in the resurrection and that we are saved through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for us. We believe Holy Bible is God-breathed and we trust its authority. We read scripture, pray, worship Him and make time in our lives to do things that make a difference in our neighbourhoods, cities and world.

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