Music At Gracepoint

Here at Gracepoint God has filled us with a love for creating music to worship Him.  We have had a couple projects to produce new music inspired by the God of creation who we love dearly and are so excited to share it with you.  Enjoy our different musical projects and always check back to see what is to come.

A new project that we have taken on this summer is exploring the Psalms and asking members of our church to see what God stirs in them and putting the words in the book to music.  Take a listen to what came out and stay tune for more to come!

Click the link to have a listen to Psalm 107 composed by Gord Wookey:


Psalm 33 is a Psalm of of praise.  Composed by Ralph Kison and read by Rebecca Dick:


Psalm 1 is composed and sung by Gregg Baker:


Devon Throness composed a song for Psalm 27, a Psalm that points to God's greatness:


The final Psalm we did for the series was Psalm 22.  Many hands went into this Psalm.  Joel Melnyk composed it, Devon Throness played piano, Emma Dott sang, and it was recorded and mixed by Matthew Heinrichs.  Take a listen to the Psalm and how the Psalmist goes from wondering where God is to praising the Lord of Heaven and Earth:


The Identity Project was an adventure that six of our young adults went on to explore what it means to find our identity in Christ.  Take a listen to these six songs and the different stories that the songwriters have.

Click the link below to have a listen or search on Apple Music or Spotify "Identity Project" to download the EP