Who (and What) to Expect

When you walk through our doors, expect to see jeans, coffee, a friendly welcome, younger, old(er), in-between-ers, people who work with their hands, professionals, highschoolers and wee ones. You will probably see someone that reminds you of, well, you.

When we gather on Sunday, we grab a cup of coffee, visit with a person or two in the lobby and make our way (sometimes a little late if we’ve talked too long) into the service. We sing, we pray, we take an offering, we read the Bible and we listen to a teaching relevant to our lives and experiences.

If you’re new to Gracepoint, hopefully someone will say hi and recognize your new face, but it’s possible to slip in and out if you wish.  If you wish to get connected we recommend that you fill out a connection card that will be attention to the program that you are given when you walk through the doors and into the service. 

During the week, smaller groups of about 10 – 12 gather (Discipleship groups) around the city. They might dig deeper into what was taught on Sunday, do a book study, serve their community or focus on prayer. They are all a bit different but this remains constant - it is the best place to make friends and get known.