Our Staff

As staff we are a team that experiences God and engages our world together.  We seek to grow in a Jesus-Shaped life and strive everyday to root ourselves in Christ.  Please never hesitate to reach out to us or, if you see us on a Sunday morning, to come up and say hi!

Contact us at or call us at 604.538.1825

Profile image of Rick Bayer

Rick Bayer

Lead Pastor

Office: ext. 208

Two words drive me: "life change." I'm amazed by the grace of God that shows up as He changes lives. I love to hear, see, witness and be part of stories of God at work in our community.

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Steve Bains

Community Development Pastor

Office: Ext. 209

I enjoy journeying alongside the many people who are interested in knowing God more intimately.  I am passionate about working with people who are interested in discovering how they can serve their neighbours.

Profile image of Chris Reitmayer

Chris Reitmayer

Family Pastor

Office: Ext. 211

I just love the people of Gracepoint and I am so thankful to do life with them. I am passionate about seeing us grow together as a community of Jesus-learners who increasingly seek God’s kingdom and dream God’s dreams for the world.

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Gregg Baker

Worship Arts Pastor

Office: Ext. 213

I am driven to help people discover (and develop) their gifts and talents to bring glory to God and enjoy Him forever. This is how we worship the Lord.

Profile image of Gord Wookey

Gord Wookey

Freedom Session Director and Maintenance

Office: Ext. 205

What gets me up every morning and energizes me is all the people I meet during the day. From the wee ones to the older ones, each has a story and as I listen and interact with them, I am invited into their lives. A great privilege!

Profile image of Tracy Baker

Tracy Baker

Director of Administration

Office: Ext. 214

I LOVE my job at Gracepoint and serving my church family! I also find real joy in connecting with others and meeting new people. 

Profile image of Rebecca Dick

Rebecca Dick


Office: Ext. 204

God has put on my heart a longing to have deep fellowship and ensure that others around me are connecting and know that they belong and are loved. I have a passion for writing and in my position, I get to use that for God and His Kingdom.

Profile image of Jenna Tulman

Jenna Tulman


Office: Ext. 206

I am excited to have joined the team at Gracepoint in serving with the community dinner. I love people, I love getting to hear the stories of what God is doing in people's lives, and I love getting to be part of God's Kingdom. 

Profile image of Luisa Parra

Luisa Parra

Children's Director

Office: Ext. 201

I'm so privileged and blessed to have the opportunity to serve alongside what I call my Canadian family, Gracepoint.  I am passionate about youth and outreach ministries.  Let's spread Jesus' love everywhere!

Profile image of Megan Kroeger

Megan Kroeger

Worship Arts Director

I am currently attending Pacific Life Bible College to learn more about the Bible, cultural backgrounds, and music. I love learning, questioning, and exploring ideas, so I'm so stoked to work and learn alongside everyone at Gracepoint. On a side note, if anyone knows how to unicycle or slack line, let me know--I'm looking for more circus friends.

Profile image of Jonathan Schniffer

Jonathan Schniffer

Youth Director

Office: Ext. 202

I have a passion for the local church and love seeing and being part of people at Gracepoint living like one big family as children of God. Particularly in our youth ministry, it is my desire to invite everyone into this family and walk alongside them on their journey with Jesus.

Profile image of Reuben Howarth

Reuben Howarth

Youth Intern

I am currently studying youth work at CBC and feel called to walk alongside youth in their journey with Jesus. I absolutely love seeing students grow in their understanding and love of God. I am excited to see what God leads me and this church family into this year at Gracepoint.

Profile image of Ainsley Kensall

Ainsley Kensall

Social Issues Researcher (Intern)

As a recent alumni of Regent College and a current counseling student at Adler University; I've found myself increasingly curious about this idea of making "peace with the proximate" - to live as a person in relationship to people in the place I set my feet. I'm eager to see what this might look like in practice for Gracepoint community, as we work together this fall. 




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Lyndon Throness

Leadership Team, Chair

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Stephanie Dick

Leadership Team, Vice Chair

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Judy Klassen

Leadership Team, Secretary

Profile image of Arlene Friesen

Arlene Friesen

Leadership Team

Profile image of Stephan Luking

Stephan Luking

Leadership Team, Treasurer

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Doug Stuart

Leadership Team

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Judy Marshall

Leadership Team