Weekly Study

Sermon Notes

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Get Rooted

Welcome to week 4 of Rooted!  Open up your book and turn to page 37!  This week we are looking into Where is God in the Midst of Suffering? and the Bible verse to memorize is Philippians 4:6-7.  Grab a buddy and see if you guys can quiz each other on the Bible verse.  Take the time needed to read and answer the questions.  This is s questions that many people ask during their lives.  Take the time to pray and listen to what God has to say to you specifically about this and the different things going on in your life that seem like they are too much to handle.


We are excited to see what God has planned for Gracepoint through this journey.  There are daily devotions to go through and questions to answer in the book.  In your discipleship groups you will be going through the book together and sharing what you have been learning and wrestling through.