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Questions for Discipleship Groups

 May 19th 

What are you celebrating this week?

When was there a time in your life when you felt excluded or as an outsider?

Read Luke 15:11-32

Do you more identify more with the moral upstanding older brother or immoral wayward younger brother? Why?

What does grace look like for you?

Read Luke 5:27-32

Would you have been inside partying with Jesus or outside judging with the Pharisees? Why?

Read Luke 7:36-50

How have you personally experienced Luke 7:47?

Do you love yourself? Others?


Questions from last week

 May 12th

What images or metaphors of God have shaped your relationship with Him throughout your life of faith? Spend some time sharing these images with your group or in a journal.

How have you seen God in your everyday, ordinary life? 

We heard four different metaphors for God: Voice, Friend, Anointing Oil, and Breath.  Were these new to you?  Do any of these images affirm how you experience God?  Do any of these challenge how you experience God?

Lauren F. Winner writes the following in a reflection guide to her book Wearing God “One of my working theories in the spiritual life that when something irks you—like when you hear something in a sermon and it really irks you, or when you read the scriptures and it really irks you, or you hear a hymn and it really bothers you—maybe, not always, but maybe, that’s actually an invitation from the Holy Spirit to pay more attention to that thing that’s irking you. Maybe it means the Holy Spirit has something for you in it.”

With this in mind, did any of these images “irk” you, upset, or even offended you?  Might there be an invitation from the Holy Spirit in and through this?

How might reading the Bible, and “doing” theology in community with other people reinforce or challenge your understanding, experience and faith in God? What role does, and has, community played for you?

Action: In light of Mother’s Day send a note or message to one woman in your life who has played a role as a “Mother” in your faith, and thank her for her impact.