GP Music

Here at Gracepoint, God has filled us with a love for creating music to worship Him.  We have had a couple of projects to produce new music inspired by the God of creation who we love dearly and are so excited to share with you.  Enjoy our different musical projects and always check back to see what is to come.

A new project that we did over the summer was exploring the Psalms and asking members of our church to see what God stirs in them and putting the words in the book to music.  Take a listen to what came out and stay tuned for more to come!

A Summer of Psalms

Psalm 107

Click the link to have a listen to Psalm 107 composed by Gord Wookey:  Psalm 107

Psalm 33

Psalm 33 is a Psalm of praise. Composed by Ralph Kison and read by Rebecca Dick: Psalm 33

Psalm 1

This is the third in a series of Psalm videos. The idea is to have another way of entering into the Psalms. Originally all of the psalms were set to music and this entire book of the Bible has been referred to as Jesus' Songbook.  This Psalm was done by Gregg Baker:                            Psalm 1

Psalm 27 

Devon Throness does the fourth installment in our Psalm Series.  Psalm 27 declares God's greatness and points to his strength.  Give it a listen:                                                                          Psalm 27

Psalm 22

Our final Psalm in the series is Psalm 22, a chapter of crying out to God in times of pain.  Psalm 22 was composed by Joel Melnyk, piano by Devon Throness, sung by Emma Dotto, and recorded and mixed by Matthew Heinrichs:                                                                                 Psalm 22

The Identity Project was an adventure that six of our young adults went on to explore what it means to find our identity in Christ.  Take a listen to these six songs and the different stories that the songwriters have.

Search "Gracepoint Music" or "Identity Project" on Apple Music or Spotify to download the EP.

Identity Song

This song was written by the entire group of songwriters for the Gracepoint Identity Project EP.  It's also the first single to be released:                                                                            Identity Song


This song was written by Noah Baker for the Identity Project.  In this song, we discover that worship can drown out the darkness.  Just turn it real LOUD! {Ruwah}:                                    Ruwah

The Miserable Children

This is the third release from the 'Identity Project'. The song was written by Tristan Peters and is a deep soul lament not unlike those found in the book of Lamentations and Psalms. We often forget to make room for lament in the church. Jesus never said this life would be easy but reminded us to 'take heart for I have overcome the world':                        The Miserable Children

Lord Open My Eyes

This song was written by Joel Melnyk for the Identity Project. In this song, we discover the tension that exists between our faith and our lived experience. We need God to open our eyes to see everything through a cruciform lens:                                                                  Lord Open My Eyes

Not Finished

This song was written by Hannah Baker for the Identity Project. In her lyrics, Hannah explores the tension that exists between our identity in Christ and our human identity. God is in the business of making us more like Jesus but He's not finished with us yet:                   Not Finished

Mistakes and Grace

This is the sixth and final release from the 'Identity Project'. The song was written by Adrianna Blaskovich and is a deep soul reflection and invitation to meditate in the Presence of Jesus. When we make room to spend time with God we experience His Presence in a way that removes the space between mistakes and Grace:                                                 Mistakes and Grace