In Home Groups


A welcoming environment
Expect a warm smile (maybe even a hug) as you arrive. Our leaders have a gift for hospitality so don’t be surprised to be offered a snack, dessert or a cup of coffee. Some even have dinner together on the nights they meet!

Study of scripture
Expect to open and dig into your Bible. Some groups do further study and discussion of the previous Sunday’s sermon, others may be doing a book or video study but all will be looking at what God has to say through His word.

Lively discussion and life application
Many at Gracepoint enjoy a good talk and you can most likely count on great chats. Not much of a talker? No problem…at all! Our leaders won’t put you on the spot or “force” you to share. Soak in the ideas and participate as you fell comfortable. Many leaders will challenge you each week to apply Scripture in your life, encouraging you to follow Jesus a little more everyday.

Remember how we talked about a great place to be known and know others? Often at either the beginning or end, our groups typically pray with and for one another. It’s a chance to celebrate the good things going on in your life and also a good place to share the challenges and hurts.