Discipleship Groups

At Gracepoint, we know that one of the best ways to grow in your faith (as well as know people and be known!) is to be part of a discipleship group. There are groups that meet throughout the week, all over the city. Some meet more than others and some gather according to stage of life or gender, while others welcome one and all. We’re sure you’ll be able to find a group that is right for you!

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In-Home Groups

Our in-home discipleship groups, sometimes called life groups or home groups meet regularly and are hosted and facilitated by lay leaders. Typically there are 8-14 people in a group and here’s what you can expect.

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Broken relationships? Find life overwhelming? Constantly worry? Turn to food, shopping, alcohol, busyness or any other distraction to help you get through life? If you answered yes, then Freedom Session may be for you.

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Less formal in terms of content or structure than an in-home group, triads (sorry we just couldn’t find a better name!) meet regularly – up to 3 or 4 times per month. They are typically 2-4 people who go pretty deep with each other. There is no official “leader.” Rather, they meet together and help each other “hear God and do what He says.” Basically – it’s life to life discipleship where the rubber hits the road. Marriages, divorces, kids, hard times, relationships and work are all on the table for discussion. Sometimes you might get some mentoring, sometimes you might find yourself mentoring someone else. So, if you get a call or tapped on the shoulder to be part of one, DO IT! You absolutely won’t regret it! 


Women at Gracepoint want every woman to have connection and opportunity for discipleship. No Matter where you are at in life – whether single, married or divorced; at-home mom, professional or empty-nester; young or old(er), you have a place here!

Women at Gracepoint host seasonal events to create a welcoming space where you can invite a neighbour or friend who is “not religious” to an activity that starts a conversation – no more and no less.

Our women also host a few “girls only” discipleship groups. See what they are about.

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Men's Groups

We value seeing the men of Gracepoint and men everywhere thrive in their workplaces, relationships and faith. Men also know that thriving is much more than just surviving.

The men of Gracepoint take time each week to invest in each other to know one another and learn from each other as they grow in discipleship and live their lives. Men of all ages participate and the guys are always ready to welcome new faces.

Each week, two specific Discipleship Groups meet for the guys only.

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