Freedom Session

Broken relationships? Find life overwhelming? Constantly worry? Turn to food, shopping, alcohol, busyness or any other distraction to help you get through life? If you answered yes, then Freedom Session may be for you.

Freedom Session is approximately nine months in length. It is a Christ-centered 12-Step healing-discipleship ministry that will lead you on a journey towards the freedom and healing you’ve hoped was possible.

We won’t sugar-coat it: it’s intense, but SO WORTH IT! If you can invest the time, it will change forever your relationship with Jesus. This group welcomes participants every fall to start the journey.

Contact for more information.

Launch Date and Information Session:

Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 6pm. 
Downstairs in Studio A                                                         

*Freedom Session runs on Sundays from 6-8:30pm.