Church Update

July 2, 2021.

Good News! Every Sunday we celebrate what happened that first Easter, Jesus rose from the dead. I’m always drawn to the account of the women running that first Easter morning. Good News is worth running to tell!

If I could run and bang on your door and tell you the good news I would, but chances are you’ve already heard it. All restrictions for worship gatherings have been lifted! After 16 months of trying to do the communal practice of worshipping together, alone; we can finally really worship together as a community. As people who are planned for God’s pleasure, we can finally sing together and see one another.

I want to thank you for staying home these last 16 months compelled by our Saviour’s command to love our neighbor. Now is the time to regather so we can love more fully.

What about pre-registration? There is none. Just come!

What about masks? In keeping with the BC government’s public health order, masks are recommended for those age 12 and over who have not been fully vaccinated. Our staff will be following this protocol and we ask you to do what you are comfortable with and be gracious to others in their choice.

What about my kids? We will begin kids’ programming on Sunday, July 18th.

What if I’m not ready to come back? If you are not feeling well, we advise that you stay home. If you are not ready to return (i.e. you are not yet fully vaccinated), we will continue to offer online church Sundays at 10 am.

What about social distancing? Dr. Bonnie Henry lifted the restriction of two-meter social distancing. However, I would remind you that everyone has varying degrees of comfort with this after what we’ve been through. Heck, some of you didn’t want a hug prior to Covid! Let us all be gracious and humble in this, respecting one another’s limits and boundaries as we all re-adjust to in-person gatherings.

I was speaking with one parent at the KU drive-thru this week and he expressed the challenge of trying to get his kids to “do church” in front of the TV. There were the distractions of the toys, the fridge, the bedroom, and hundreds of other things.

There is something about getting in the car “going to church” to be with our church family. So, I would encourage you this Sunday to get in the car and join me at church with your Gracepoint church family. Online church is a substitute, but it’s a poor one for the transcendent experience of analog church. We need real people, places and things in our lives.

I look forward to greeting you in-person this Sunday at 10 am.

Pastor Rick