Table Talk

GOSPEL Primer: Week 4

OCT 21-27

As a Family

Play a game of hangman with together. Parents guess the words.

KU Kids: you know the answers for hangman if you were in KU this past Sunday. Also the answers are at the bottom of the page—don’t peek parents!

 Read the CLUES together as a FAMILY 

  • Before God laid the foundation of the universe He _ _ _ _ _ (5 spaces) us to be his very own
  • It was always His perfect plan to _ _ _ _ _ (5 spaces) us as his delightful children.
  • He adopts us through our union with Jesus, so that His tremendous love gift, that cascades over us (like a waterfall!), brings Him great glory— it brings glory to the free gift of _ _ _ _ _ (5 spaces) that He gives us.
  • The same love He has for his Beloved One Jesus He also has for us! This unfolding plan to adopt us & give us the great treasure of redemption (putting our sins on Jesus, trading our sins for Jesus’ righteousness) by his blood gives God great _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (8 spaces)
Back and Forth...

Talk about all the cool & amazing things in God’s creation you like!

Read Ephesians 2:10

- Reflect on ways we are made in God’s image & God’s greatest artwork

- Describe how God provides a way to bring His masterpiece kids back home to Him when sin separates us from God? How does GOD make us new & fully alive in Christ?

- Share ways God is making you new today. How is He at work in you?

- In light of the fact that we are all made in God’s image, God’s masterpiece, & that Jesus died to save the whole world…this is Good News!…

  • how do we treat others? listen to others? (parents, explain Pastor Rick’s message from James 1:19 on Gospel Listening)
  • list good & wonderful things you believe God has prepared in advance for you to do (discuss in terms of hearing from God—through His Word, our hearts, God’s people—& doing what He says)
Notes for Parents & Kids...
  • (Game Answers: chose, adopt, grace, pleasure)