Table Talk

GOSPEL Primer: Week 1

Sept 30-Oct 6

 As a Family

1) Share some good news from your day/week.
2) Dinner Discussion Q&As:What does “gospel” mean?

  1. Who is Jesus? (Hint: Col1:16-17)
  2. When did the story of Jesus, the gospel story, actually begin? (Trick question!)
  3. How does all of creation need to be brought back into close relationship with God?
  4. What happened to separate us from God (who is holy)?
  5. What did Jesus do for us that is good news? (Hint: 1 Cor 15:1-4)

Back and Forth...

Ask your parents a trick question:

  1. How often do we need to believe the gospel good news?
  2. Discuss the answer in your Gospel Scribbler.

Share with your family how the gospel is good news for you personally TODAY.

Tell your parents the great things they do to show you LOVE.

Share good memories of words, actions & situations that have drawn you close together as a family.

Kids & Parents:
Talk about what God has done & is doing to love us and the whole world.   

Notes for Parents & Kids...
  • SIGN your kids’ Gospel Scribblers each time you do TABLE TALK Q&As together (kids will earn tickets at the next Lamppost Oct 14)
  • Add your mobile # to the Gospel Scribbler to get Table Talk Q&As by text from KU (or, LIKE the KU Facebook page)
  • KIDS RETURN with your Gospel Scribblers EACH WEEK to continue our work & earn tickets at each Lamppost Tuck Shop