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Rick Bayer

Lead Pastor

Office: ext. 208

Two words drive me: "life change." I'm amazed by the grace of God that shows up as He changes lives. I love to hear, see, witness and be part of stories of God at work in our community.

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Kim Savage

Director of Ministry Operations

Office: Ext. 214

I am in my sweet spot when I am working with our staff to push forward and take on a new challenge. It’s also a treasure when I get the chance to write, dream, plan, build a team or create anything!

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Steve Bains

Community Development Pastor

Office: Ext. 209

I enjoy journeying alongside the many people who are interested in knowing God more intimately.  I am passionate about working with people who are interested in discovering how they can serve their neighbours.

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Chris Reitmayer

Youth Pastor

Office: Ext. 211

I just love the people of Gracepoint and I am so thankful to do life with them. I am passionate about seeing us grow together as a community of Jesus-learners who increasingly seek God’s kingdom and dream God’s dreams for the world.

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Gregg Baker

Worship Arts Pastor

Office: Ext. 213

I am driven to help people discover (and develop) their gifts and talents to bring glory to God and enjoy Him forever. This is how we worship the Lord.

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Gord Wookey

Freedom Session Director and Maintenance

Office: Ext. 205

What gets me up every morning and energizes me is all the people I meet during the day. From the wee ones to the older ones, each has a story and as I listen and interact with them, I am invited into their lives. A great privilege!

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Loree Mitton

Children's Administrator

Office: Ext. 203

I've served as the Children's Administrator for over a decade and what I find most rewarding about my support role at Gracepoint is simply serving alongside with others - beautifully blending our time and talents to invest in the faith journeys of our kids and to glorify God.

Profile image of Tracy Baker

Tracy Baker

Director of Administration

Office: Ext. 204

I LOVE my job at Gracepoint and serving my church family! I also find real joy in connecting with others and meeting new people. 

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Deanna Pfortmueller

Director of Children and Families


I get to serve my Gracepoint family in KU. Together we are leading kids to live the greatest adventure ever: walking with Jesus. My desire is to know the Father more and to live at home in His love - discipling children to do the same. Our amazing Kids Unlimited community gathers Sundays 10-11:20am to experience God, receive bible truth, enjoy each other and express love &thankfulness to God for his goodness.



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Ralph Kison

Leadership Team Chair


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Austin Malnis

Vice Chair


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Arnold Machel

Leadership Team


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Cecil Rast

Leadership Team


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Deb Mitchell

Leadership Team


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Gurj Banbait

Leadership Team


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Harvey Rempel

Leadership Team


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Judy Klassen

Leadership Team


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Ron Koehn

Leadership Team


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Stephan Luking