Weekly Study

Sermon Notes

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Questions for Discipleship Groups


What is your reaction to ideas about the future: tribulation,  millennialism, Christ's return?

Read Daniel 9:1-12, 20-22

Does Daniel's vision make you wince, sigh, or....?

Does the Bible's prediction of the future in this chapter give you more confidence in the Bible? Why or why not?

Do you struggle with God allowing the suffering to God's    people as described in this chapter ? How do you keep your faith through that?

Read Daniel 9:20-25

These verses (along with Revelation 12-13) form the basis for the Christian doctrine of the anti-Christ. Does this doctrine affect your view of the future?

What difference does it make for you knowing that Christ has triumphed over the powers of darkness (Colossians 2:14-15)? 

The Bible often speaks of God fighting for us in the unseen world (i.e. Exodus 14, 2 Chronicles 20). How can this build your faith?