Weekly Study

Sermon Notes

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Questions for Discipleship Groups

When has your faith ever been under attack? How did you respond?

Why do you think Daniel and his friends rejected the royal food?

How do you think they maintained their faith in spite of learning in an anti-God culture?

Is there some “royal food” that God is asking you to reject today?

Do you agree or disagree with Rick that there is perhaps a 3rd way approach to homosexuality? Why or why not?

Is there an ethical or moral dilemma you now face which may require a 3rd way approach?

Fasting is a spiritual practice that draws you into dependence on God. What practices do you do to seek God?

“But Daniel resolved” (v. 8). Is there an area of resolution you need in your life today?

Will you like Daniel and his friends, trust God with the outcome and allow God to get the credit?