Weekly Study

Sermon Notes

Click here for November 19th sermon notes. 

Questions for Discipleship Groups

What is one place of clutter in your home?

Read Matthew 1:18-23

How does Joseph feel in Vs. 19? Vs. 20-21?

What does Matthew say is the purpose of Jesus’ birth (Vs. 21)?

Do you agree with Rick that the prophecy quoted from Isaiah 7:14 is a two-part prophecy? Why or why not?

Do you struggle with the idea of the “virgin birth”?

When have you experienced God as Immanuel? When has He been very present to you?

Has this happened recently?

Is technology keeping you from experiencing Immanuel? How so?

Which of the 9 suggestions do you wish to implement so that you will experience a greater sense of God’s presence?

How can your group hold you accountable and celebrate with you “God moments” that you experience this Christmas season?