Tofino 2016 "Best Trip Ever"

06.23.16 | by Arlene Friesen

    Our yearly surf trip has come and gone.  I will remember this one for a while.  Boy, can it rain in Tofino! After the first night in our tents, we spent the next morning in the Laundromat drying out our sleeping bags.   We then headed out on our surfboards, rain or shine. The kids loved just being in the ocean.  It was an amazing group of teens that we took this year.  We were asked to take along a few teens that were not attending any kind of school.  One teen, in particular, was asked to leave school due to uncontrollable anger outbursts, which we saw first hand.  Well, this did prove to be a challenge, but God gave us the extra love and patience needed.

    There is something about sitting around a campfire that makes the teens feel safe in sharing their struggles with us.  We learn so much about what they have gone through as well as what they are struggling with now. 


    Janis shared with me she carries her backpack with all her things in it because she doesn’t know where she will end up each night.  Home is not a good place for her to stay, lots of fighting and alcohol.  She chooses to stay at friends’ homes rather than face her crazy home. “Too much drama, " she says.  She is very worried about sister 

    She is very worried about sister Tanya.  Tanya also came on the surf trip with us. Tanya chooses to live in the family home, which is full of chaos, but she copes by drinking and staying out all night.  It broke my heart as I got to know the sisters better.  This trip has given me time with the girls; time to start building a long-term relationship. I ask for your prayers for wisdom and guidance as I continue to walk alongside these sisters as well as many other teens for which I am blessed to be a positive support.

    Here are some comments from the mouths of the teens. This was a “trip of a life time,”” best trip ever”, “when can we go again?”, “ this trip is G” (perfect) , “ Arlene, you deserve a national dope award”.   I believe this means they had an amazing time.

    "best trip ever,"

    "when can we go again?"

    "this trip is G [perfect]"

    "Arlene, you deserve a national dope award."   

    I pretty sure this means they had an amazing time.

    Thank you to all the people who made this possible.  We could not do the work we do without your continued prayer support and your financial partnership. What a great team to be on!

    Arlene Friesen
    Youth Unlimited Field Staff