Mexico Missions 2016 - Days 6 & 7

07.11.16 | Mission Trip Updates | by Kim Savage

    Well we are at the end…it has taken me DAYS to get this final update posted. Less a field report – more a post trip reflection. There is so much to say, so much I want to say, it feels there are not enough words to express the fullness of our time down there. I needed time to process and consider what the week meant to our team, to the families we built for and even to me.

    On Friday, July 8, we dedicated the homes to families who blessed us immensely - far surpassing anything we could do for them.  To have people of faith, with a deep understanding of what it means to rely on the Lord, pray for you, cook for you, and gather with you – there is a richness to their offerings of word and deed that is almost unexplainable – it is unmerited, unexpected and to be learned from.  It must be experienced.

    If I was to sum up the trip in one word for myself, it would be Promise.  God is faithful in His promises to sustain, provide, encourage and go ahead. There is the promise of hope and life upon receipt of a home that feels so lavish and extravagant to its inhabitants – the realized promise of God’s miraculous provision.  Relationships between team members and the families we started connections with hold great promise. What will God do with those and through those? The promise of how this experience will change me and how I live my life from here forward – what will He do with my heart that has been broken with purpose for the women struggling in Mexico.

    Perhaps the word for the team was Surprise. We were surprised how God met us in our needs, hopes (and wants) for the week!  For a few it was the provision of creature comforts or unexpected friendship. Some reconnected (surprisingly) with those met last year. Others were surprised by their abilities when they stretched themselves and walked in obedience to God’s call.  Long-time team members were surprised by the influence their investments from years past had on families built for years ago. Almost all the team was surprised how God moved in their personal life – awakening missionary hearts with a bit of wanderlust, solidified passion for an area of ministry or increased understanding of kingdom purpose and what they can contribute.

    Maybe for the families who received homes, the word might be Loved.  They are LOVED by a Father in heaven who is living and active in their lives.  They are loved by crazy Canadians who cling to the audacious belief that every life matters and is a reflection of God’s glory. They are loved by their family and community as much blessing, joy, hope and love will spill out of their homes in years to come.

    As we packed our bags and got lost in our thoughts during hours spent on planes and busses, I hope our team planned to share with great boldness what happened on this trip and during this week.  May we be forever changed, forever filled with Promise, Surprise and Love.